Mindfulness in America in NYC (10/2017)

Mindfulness in America
Presented by Wisdom 2.0
Cohosted by Anderson Cooper

New York City | October 8-9, 2017

 How do we cultivate mindfulness in the modern world? And how can we support this in our family, business, and society? This will be the topic next weekend in New York City at Mindfulness in America brought to you by Wisdom 2.0.
There is a full schedule exploring this topic with a wide range of leaders, including:

Tony Fadell, iPhone & iPod Creator; Founder, Nest
Jonathan Rose, Garrison Institute
Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global
Rhonda Magee, Law Professor,
  [Mindfulness In Law Society – Board of Advisors:
David Simas, CEO, Obama Foundation
Andy Puddicombe, Cofounder, Headspace
With a special Sunday evening concert with Singer/Songwriter JEWEL!



Mindfulness Article

Here is a wonderful article about Mindfulness in law published by the Arizona Republic. It’s titled, “Arizona police leaders encourage mindfulness in high-stress situations,” and it details how law enforcement is using mindfulness practices to help officers pay attention to what’s going on internally in order to deal with high-stress incidents.

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